What is your Spanish dream?

Are you looking to buy your dream property in Spain? If so, Sun Lawyers can make sure that the dream does not turn into an unwanted nightmare!

You´ve decided that that now it is the right time to purchase that dream property in the sun and you want to know about some very key facts.

Firstly, is the price the right one, and secondly, is the area where the property is situated perfect for you to make that dream a reality?

We at Sun Lawyers will make sure that you don´t fall into any hidden traps, and trust us that at times you get all kinds of false ideas that you need to look far and wide to get the right home, and that you have to deal with mounds of paperwork in Spain.

That´s simply not true, if you have a good estate agent, but above all a legally qualified Spanish lawyer, like our team at Sun Lawyers, that will help you with the purchase of your property, and to make it hassle-free.

The good news is that we have broken everything down to four options in the sort of property that you can buy in making your dream a reality, and with all of our experience in exactly this field, Sun Lawyers will guide through all the steps.

The buying options are:-

Off-plan property

An off-plan property is one that has not yet been built, but has been granted planning permission, and can be bought at early stage of construction.

This choice might also give you chance to come up with ideas in the design and build of your dream.

Sun Lawyers will ensure: –
– that the plans and drawings submitted to the local Town Hall.
– background checks are done on the developer/builder.
– the project is registered with the Town Hall.
– all planning permissions are in place.
bank guarantees.

All of this can be dealt with efficiently and effectively by having the qualified Sun Lawyers team working for you.

New build

Would you like to buy a brand-new property in Spain? Our recommendation here is you always work with a respected, experienced and qualified lawyer, and that´s where Sun Lawyers come in!

Together with the real estate company, we can protect your interest and work together to get what you want.
Other factors include:-
– drawing up a contract.
– making sure the property is legally built.
completed on time and within the budget.

Resale property

This is the most popular way of buying property in Spain, with stack of second-hand housing that has either had a previous owner or used for rental.

Sun Lawyers will ask these key questions and check these points:-

– Is the seller the legal owner?
– Has the property has the correct license?
– Is there no debt on the property?
– Have all of the bills being paid and are up date from the seller?
– And is the property that you want to buy, exactly as it has been advertised?

Bank Repossession.

Spain´s recession from a decade ago led to the increased availability of bank repossessions.

Such properties could be brand new or a resale, and there are some bargains to be had, but they are bought as “seen”.

Sun Lawyers will carry out some important checks namely:-

-With the bank and the local planning department at the Town Hall.
What may be owed on utilities that will need to be reconnected with past use to be paid for.

These four types of properties may also be purchased by using a power of attorney, and this is . This is a document through which you can appoint Sun Lawyers to act on your behalf.

In this way, we can go through all the crucial checks and paperwork, and even represent you on the day of the signing at the notary without you being there.

At the end of the purchasing process, we would collect the key, title deeds and submit them to the Property Registry office for documentation.

All the utilities, such as water and electricity, community and council tax will be changed into your name by Sun Lawyers, with the direct debits set up from your Spanish bank account.

It is in many ways easier than in the United Kingdom, with a Spanish purchase possibly completed in a matter of four to six weeks on many occasions. So, go ahead and buy your dream home and enjoy the experience by appointing us at Sun Lawyers, the right people to help you!
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