Top 3 reasons why you should apply for your Spanish residency card

Spanish Residency

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of contradictions when it comes to obtaining your Spanish residency, let us explain how it works.

You should apply for your Spanish residency card if:

  1. Do you spend more than 90 days in Spain?
  2. Do you want to be legal in Spain?
  3. Would you like to be able to have healthcare in Spain?

Let us explain.

You’re staying in Spain for over 90 days

It’s what the law says. Are your spending more than 90 day in Spain? That means you’re not on holidays, generally. Therefore, you should apply for your Spanish residency card, which is the Spanish stay permit.

Are you from the UK? As of today (November 2018), how things will be beyond Brexit is a total mystery. The UK could become a pure non-EU country, which would imply visas, private health care, and high financial means. In addition, there is a delay on the appointment system of over 2 months to obtain the EU Spanish residency card. Why not applying before it’s too late?

You want to be legal in Spain

This is a matter “peace of mind”. Doing everything according to the foreign country’s rules where you’re residing can only bring benefits.

Just to name a common situation.

When you obtain your Spanish residency card you can exchange your EU/British licence for a Spanish driving licence. So, if you get stopped by the police, you’ll have the Spanish driving licence, opposed to a driving licence from a foreign country that the police officer might not be familiar with.

Yes, EU driving licences are valid in Spain (if there are not expired), but our point is always to be legal, according to the Spanish law, rather than going through arguments.

 You would like to access the Spanish healthcare

Unlike what most people think, there is no free healthcare in Spain. At least, not the way most people are led to believe (all inclusive, at no cost). Emergencies are covered for everybody who is Spain, but what about ongoing treatments (broken bone, sight problem, a bad shoulder)?

There are two main categories here:

Limited and temporary healthcare in Spain. This must be done through the EU health but does not include ongoing treatments.

Permanent all inclusive healthcare in Spain. One essential requirement is to have Spanish residency card.

Ready to act?

We see it all the time: people postponing things, then, suddenly, they realise they should have applied for the Spanish residency card (or done their taxes or bought property with a reliable lawyer instead of trying to do things on their own).

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