Nick and Sharron Barton

Is it all worth it? If you are reading this testimony then I suspect you are at the stage of making a very big and perhaps stressful decision. Having just been through the process I want to offer you some advice which will hopefully help manage your blood pressure. I am sure like me you have read on the internet so much conflicting advice and horror stories regarding purchasing properties in Spain that you just don’t know where to begin or perhaps you are now thinking, is it worth it! My advice to you is simple; go to Sun Lawyers, as not only do they know the legal process they offer the most invaluable services: good regular advice, guidance and support.

After our initial meeting with Lesley and Aimee (in Javea) it soon became apparent that the property buying process, in my opinion, is better and safer than the process in the UK. Throughout the whole purchase I was regularly updated and always provided explanations to processes I was not familiar with. Simply put the Sun-Lawyer team manage the hard-work, stresses and bureaucracy so you don’t have to. To further reduce my worries the team organised all the transfer of utility bills, liaison with the local town hall and provided other essential services such as a Will.

So as we sit on my Naya in the sun with ice cold drinks, let me revisit my initial question, is it all worth it? Absolutely without reservation YES and I know this is all down to the Sun-Lawyer’s team in particular Lesley and Aimee. Thank you for making our dream a reality as without you it would not of happened.

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