Spanish Visas

We specialise in Spanish visas as well as legal documentation for non-EU citizens

At Sun Lawyers, we are experts in helping our EU clients obtain Spanish visas. We also specialise in obtaining Spanish visas and legal documentation for non-EU citizens, allowing them to live and work legally in Spain.

What is a Visa?

In simple terms, a visa is an official one-page sticker placed within your passport which allows you to legally enter and leave Spain, at your own free will. The Spanish visa includes a photo of you, as well as other basic personal details. EU citizens do not need visas to enter or live in Spain. A Spanish visa is only for citizens of non-EU countries.

Types of Visa

There are many kinds of visas, but we are specialists on the following categories:

  • Non-lucrative visa – This type of visa does not allow you to work or do business in Spain. It  only permits you to legally stay in the country.
  • Working visa – As the name implies, this visa allows you to gain legal employment in Spain.
  • Student visa – If you are studying in Spain,  you must obtain for a student visa.
  • Business / Investment visa – for investors, business, and private users who buy property of a value over €500,000. Also known as a ‘Golden Visa’.

How can we help you?

No matter which visa you are applying for, each requires a significant amount of preparation, in terms of requirements. We can assist you with the following:

  • Visa application: Our mission here is to make sure you will deliver all the requirements to perfection at your corresponding consulate/embassy. We will be in touch with the Spanish consulate/embassy and will help you processing all the necessary requirements.
  • Spanish residency: It’s the second and final step. You will have 30 days from date of entry to Spain to apply for your Spanish residency card. This is a critical point where some people lose their visas and have to start all over again.

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