Calpe and Playa Flamenca offices now open!

We are happy to announce we have two new offices open in the Costa Blanca. Our new branches in Calpe and Playa Flamenca are both fully up and running and open for business. We decided to open these to accommodate our ever-growing number of international clients. ….

A mini guide on non-resident tax in Spain

Am I a Spanish fiscal resident? You are a Spanish fiscal resident if. 1. You live more than 183 calendar days a year in Spain or on a Spanish territory. 2. Your key interest is in Spain, i.e. your spouse or dependants live in Spain. 2. The principal stake or share of your economic interests are in Spain….

Power of Attorney in Spain


A Power of Attorney is an official document signed before a public notary and executed as a deed by a person giving the Power of Attorney (donor) in favour of a third party. Typically, you give this to your lawyers in Spain who are assisting you with the purchase of the property, who will have power to sign contracts, make decisions, submit the documents….