Property ownership transfer: Did you pay more tax you should have?

To make this article as simple as possible we’ve created a fictional case. Let’s imagine you buy resale property in Sunny Spain, somewhere in Alicante province. Your property costs 80,000 Euros, which would incur 10% transfer tax in the Region of Valencia. You pay the relevant amount of tax: 8,000 Euros. Everything clear, everything legal.

The definitive guide for purchasing property in Spain

When it comes to purchasing property in Spain, there are two main groups of buyers: 1. Those who buy property impulsively and 2. Those who buy property considering the legal aspects that are involved. What could be the outcome for those within group number one? Just to name a few: The property could not be fully legal and/or have debt, Heavy and unexpected amount of tax…..

Top 3 reasons why you should apply for your Spanish residency card

Spanish Residency

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot of contradictions when it comes to obtaining your Spanish residency, let us explain how it works. You should apply for your Spanish residency card if: Do you spend more than 90 days in Spain? Do you want to be legal in Spain? Would you like to be able to have healthcare in Spain?…