Inheritance Procedure

At Sun Lawyers we can help you with Inheritance and the Taxes involved.

The Spanish legal system is very different when it comes to the inheritance procedure compared to other countries like the UK.

We advice anyone with assets in Spain to seek legal advice and make a Will, this will make everything much easier in the long run. At Sun Lawyers we offer expert legal advice on inheritance law and the tax involved.

We can help you with any the Inheritance Procedure including:

  •  Legal Advice 

     Making a Will

  •  Inheritance Law & Procedure

     Power of Attorney

  •  Inheritance Tax 

     ´Intestate´- no legal Will

No Spanish Will?

If a family member has died without a Spanish Will, their assets in Spain will be ´intestate´. This brings up complications arising out of whether UK rules apply if you are British or whether the Spanish rules apply. In such cases, Sun Lawyers will be able to advise you of your options and proceed with the necessary steps.

Making a Will

We advise all of our clients with assets in Spain to make a Spanish Will, this guarantees the inheritance procedure is straightforward and less costly. We will arrange a consultation with you and any family members, in order to understand and help achieve your wishes. We will also run through all legal and tax queries you may have.

At Sun Lawyers we like to personally meet with our clients to discuss their particular situation, as very few situations are exactly the same. We understand this is a very sensitive subject and want to make the whole process as easy as possible.

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